Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Philosophy Made Easy

Philosophy is a tough subject, not because there are so many ‘ism’ that we do not understand, or there are so many abstract terms which make no sense to us, or philosophers purposefully make themselves as hard to understand as possible by writing in their unique, difficult to comprehend writing-style; If that was the case then it would have been much easier to make philosophy easy. We have some very good encyclopedias which define all the ‘isms’ and explain all the abstract terms and complex ideas of great philosophers in plain English. But that does not make philosophy easy because it means much more than just understanding a few ‘isms’ or abstract terms. It’s about realizing the great truths discovered by these great men. What’s the point in reading the works of great philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Spinoza, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, or Nietzsche, if you have not experienced their truths in real life? A few simple truths realized have much more value than learning all the ideas of great philosophers by heart and not realizing or experiencing any of them. Once we have realized a truth or experienced it, we can explain it to others better, because we know what we are talking about.

In one of his aphorisms Nietzsche says that—  
No one can draw more out of things, books included, than he already knows. A man has no ears for that to which experience has given him no access.
Here he makes it clear that we understand better what we already know, and if we are reading something about which we have no knowledge then it becomes very difficult and sometimes impossible to understand it.  

This simple truth applies to philosophy too. If you do not understand something, then either you take help of somebody, who will explain it to you through his experience, or wait until you learn it by your own experience.

This is exactly what makes philosophy difficult. No one can read all the books on philosophy and truly understand everything in it. For true knowledge comes only with time and experience. One has to wait, sometimes for years, before some fortunate circumstances or events in one’s personal life illuminates the truth; something one has been trying to understand for so long.

Philosophy Made Easy’ makes that waiting for those fortunate circumstances or events manageable by giving a unique insight or perspective to you, so that you do not have to wait so long. So if you are here to gain knowledge then subscribe to this blog by email and commence your journey into the most wonderful world of thoughts and ideas with me.  

  1.  Nobody is omniscient.  I am not. If you agree with me then leave your sincere remarks.
  2. If you have better understanding of the subject, then be my teacher and help me understand it. Point out where I am wrong. 
  3. It’s a live blog and not a dead website. Here you have a single author. One of the best ways to improve your understanding of a subject is by dialogue.  So take advantage of this fact and talk to me.      
  4. I do not understand many things and I frankly accept that I do not. This is how I reach to the next level of learning.  So interact with me.                                          
Now think and take a few minutes to leave your comments.

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nothingprofound said...

Yogendra, I agree that the great challenge of philosophy is taking it out of the abstract realm of ideas and applying it to one's daily life. If one fails to do this, it becomes more of a burden, a millstone around one's neck, than a source of liberation.

Yogendra Rawat said...

Hi Marty thanks for your comment. You are right about philosophy and I try my best to make it as easy as possible so that everybody can benefit from it. But to go on I need comments and feed-backs from all sincere readers like you. So please guys leave your comments and let me know how I am doing, or at least tell me whether what you read is useful to you or not.

Christina Strigas said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I enjoyed reading your post.

Yogendra Rawat said...

Thanks Christina, You are always welcome. My only virtue and my only vice is my honesty. I have yet to learn how to lie politely. So if you can bear with that then make yourself comfortable, this is your home.

Christina Strigas said...

Glad to join!!

Flameheart said...

Philosophy often comes across as difficult and 'heavy' but it's so interesting that one wants to delve deeper and figure it out. That's why one of the best things for anyone interested in philosophy to do, is start a conversation or take part in one. Thanks for creating that conversation.

Yogendra Rawat said...

Hi Flameheart,
Thanks for your comments. I admire your understanding of the fact that one of the best ways to improve our understanding of philosophy is through conversation. This blog has be created for that purpose only. Here you can talk about any thing that you find interesting or amusing. There are not set boundaries and here nothing is insignificant. you are always welcome.

Rahul Bhatli said...

All I know about this sunject is - Its about not being conditioned..its about closing your eyes and looking what you have ignored..its about being free in yourself..its about you. me. everyone.

Philosophy is bigger than a single perspective. That is why, it is so unique.

Yogendra Rawat said...

Thanks Rahul for your comment,

Yes, the value of philosophy lies in the fact that it reveals certain truths about life and nature which remains true for every one and for all ages. Through philosophy we aspire for that timeless wisdom, something that becomes an eternal source of happiness and comfort.

Rahul Bhatli said...

cant be so sure about happiness and comfort..believe me i want these emotions as much as anyone else
but dont you think whatever lies beyond our vision could be more than just this?
i mean think about it God? Planets? Stars? Our origin? our fate? our purpose? the purpose of evrything?

i hope happiness is a part of it..bt smthng tells me it will be grander than anything we have ever felt

Yogendra Rawat said...

Hi Rahul,

You are young and tend to look at everything from the eyes of a child. You are not interested in finding meaning in life (something that would require you to become a worldly man), but understanding every thing that looks wonderful. Well, believe me I have been there and done all those things that you are doing right now, it feels wonderful and as pleasurable as chasing a beautiful girl, but in the end there is every possibility that you will get lost, or get tired or, or would end up wasting your time. Certain things are meant to be accepted and not understood like 'God.' So choose your faith and move on. No amount of arguing or reading philosophy will give you a definite answer about 'God.' Same is true regarding other wonders of nature; do not expect to discover what no one has discovered till now. I can say only this much if you want my frank opinion.

Rahul Bhatli said...

well then maybe you are old my friend..
its ok to gv ur frank opinion..but chasing after girls? seriously?

ah..to each its own
U might want to look at the words of Jiddu Krishnamurti, and sm master ful words by Leo Tolstoy, or sm perspective by Mario Puzo.
and i really hope whatever i evolve into..i dnt evolve to be a grumpy old man :P

nwayz looking forward to more posts in ur blog.

Yogendra Rawat said...

It's okay. you can do whatever you like. I am no one to stop you or even suggest you any thing. Keep moving on your chosen path and do tell me what you find. I would love to hear from you about "your" adventures and "your" discoveries.

So Good Luck.

Rahul Bhatli said...

Well keep reading my blog then :)


Anastasia F-B said...

Yogendra, it also helps if an author writes well. I can experience the truths of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche - two of my favourites -, but I can't with Kant! He is quite beyond me with his impossible and turgid prose, as is Hegel. :-)

Yogendra Rawat said...

Ana, I agree with you. It's true that Kant and Hegel are too difficult to understand, because of their technical and dense prose which is abstract. However, there's a way to understand their work, if you are interested in finding out their truths for the sake of knowledge than some academic purpose, and that is through other philosophers work.

I will try to explain their ideas in simple terms.

sheena said...

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Yogendra Rawat said...


Sheena thanks for your comment. I write on philosophy, but I try to keep it simple and interesting so that everyone can gain some thing from it. Comments from sincere readers like you who appreciate my work is what keeps me going.

so thanks again.

Kevin said...

This blog is really informative. Your language is simple to understand and i really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you so much.

Yogendra Rawat said...

Thanks Kevin.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say. Since my walk with god began I have allowed myself to be a vessel that god could work with. I have been looking for answers everywhere. I guess the only way to overcome anxiety is to live. Eternal reaccurance is what brought me to this sight. Isaac

saif roy said...

i m pleased to join u.i hv always been in confusion wat z philosophy?how it helps us in broadening our vision?all these questions hv been haunting me since long.i love philosophy and want to understand its soul.but philosophical writings r too tough to understand them well.i hope, i ll get a lot here from u.thnx.

Anonymous said...

Why not pick a specific subject like metaphysics and give the definition from qualified sources, then add to it your take, slant, or interpretation based upon your own experiences?

Anonymous said...

I mean, if this blog is intended to educate us and open our minds, should we not be discussing specific philosophies, like existentialism, epicureanism, euhemerism, and other particular topics?

Anonymous said...

Why is this blog dated the year 2020?

Yogendra Rawat said...

No, this blog is not dead, I sign in occasionally and publish your comments. I am very much please to read your comments, some motivation to start writing again. Yeah, it is true that there's a lot of personal stories and experiences in here, and
i should write on specific philosophies.

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling to learn philosophy and what to do with it. How to be critical about something that you don't know a lot about and don't have the time. Making arguemnts

Alex Peterson said...

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